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Furnace Installation, Repair, and Maintenance in Sherwood Park

Is it time to purchase a new furnace or in need of a professional company to install, repair or maintain your heating system? Look to Sherwood Mechanical, your local heat experts. With more than 25 years of experience keeping homes warm and comfortable during our chilly winter months, we have earned a reputation for being knowledgeable, reliable and thorough.

At Sherwood Mechanical, we use only the highest-quality equipment and parts available. Our certified technicians will let you know the best furnace size (BTU) for your home and help you understand the product and its benefits and explain the entire install process. Remember: size does matter when it comes to the correct furnace for your home. Sherwood Mechanical – we care about your comfort!

In need of financing? We can help you there too. Call Sherwood Mechanical today for a free estimate!

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Garage Heater Installation in Sherwood Park

Is your garage used for nothing other than to keep the snow off your vehicle? Why not end those cold starts and reduce other vehicle-related problems caused by our cold winter temperatures? Enjoy the walk from your warm home into your warm garage into your warm vehicle.

And while you’re at it, enjoy your hobbies year-round rather than placing them on hold until the warmer months. And appreciate the added room in your heated garage for storing your temperature-sensitive items such as liquids and plants.

Call or email Sherwood Mechanical Services today to schedule an appointment. During your consultation, our certified technician can answer your questions on installation and help educate you on the highest-quality equipment and parts that we use.

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Air Conditioning Installation in Sherwood Park

It’s never a pleasant experience when you come home on a blistering hot afternoon and walk into a house that feels more like a sauna or hot oven than the cool oasis you desire. At Sherwood Mechanical, we understand the frustration you feel when your air conditioner is unreliable or stops working altogether.

Our pros are trained and certified to ensure your air conditioner is repaired swiftly, efficiently and to your satisfaction. Using the highest-quality equipment, Sherwood Mechanical can help ease or eliminate your air conditioner frustrations and give you peace-of-mind that your system is working as it should.

Stay comfortable this summer with a Sherwood Mechanical installed or repaired air conditioner. Now, who wouldn’t be cool with that?

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Indoor Air Quality Experts in Sherwood Park

Your home: it’s where you eat, sleep and entertain; it’s where you play with your children and pets and spend much of your day; it’s your oasis away from the bustle outside of its four walls.

Unfortunately, due to daily activities, a natural occurrence within your home is the floating dust, dirt and other particles that accumulate and make up much of your indoor air. If not properly filtered, these contaminants can contribute to poor indoor air quality, which can have unfortunate effects on your family’s health and comfort.

While indoor air quality is something that affects every person, each home calls for a different solution. Our experts have the expertise and knowledge to identify the ideal and highest-quality system for your home. Have an air quality filtration system in your home that’s in need of service or repairs? Sherwood Mechanical can ensure your existing system is running at its peak performance and isn’t compromising your indoor air quality.

Call or email Sherwood Mechanical today. We care about your family’s well-being!

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Humidifier Installation in Sherwood Park

Maintaining the proper humidity in your home is a balancing act. Not only do improper levels impact your comfort, but they can also impact your health.

Sherwood Mechanical’s professional and certified technicians will install a new humidifier or repair your previously installed system (using the highest-quality equipment and parts available), to help maintain the proper humidity level in your home. Unbalanced humidity levels can make for an uncomfortable environment: too dry and you may become prone to sore throats, colds and allergies, while your hardwood floors and wood furnishings dry out and crack; too moist and your home may develop mold problems.

Why suffer the effects of a home that is too dry or too moist? Find your in-home humidity balance with Sherwood Mechanical. Call us today to book your free installation estimate.

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