For many of you, the garage is much more than just a place to park your vehicle. It provides you with extra storage space, acts as a gym or hobby workspace, is the neighbourhood poker hang out, and houses your pet when you are at work. Investing in a quality garage heater, especially with our Alberta winters, opens your garage to so many possibilities and is worth the investment. Let’s explain a bit more.

Snow and Cold Are Hard on Your Vehicles

It’s no secret that Alberta winters are long and often harsh. All the snow, ice and cold can wreak havoc on your vehicle. But, keeping your car in a warm garage can help combat this by

  • allowing the salt-laden ice to melt off quickly, lessening salt damage
  • reducing engine wear with fewer cold starts
  • lessening scratches from brushing off snow and ice

If you’ve ever suffered a dead battery on a freezing morning, then you fully understand how the cold can affect your car. So, a heated garage, even if it does no more than house your vehicle, can save you money in the long run.

Create a Comfortable Workspace

If you do use your garage as a workshop, it’s nice to have it at a comfortable temperature. An unheated garage can quickly become unbearable in the middle of winter. Having a heated garage creates a comfortable atmosphere for your woodworking projects, performing repairs on your car or accomplishing other miscellaneous tasks.

Maintain Indoor Temperatures

Adding a garage heater helps you stabilize the temperature inside of your home by preventing the garage-home walls from being cold. Many newer 2-story homes have a room built over the garage. Even with proper insulation and their own heat source, these rooms are often cold if the garage is unheated. A heated garage helps to combat this problem and keep those toes toasty warm.

Create More Space in Your House

With a properly heated garage, you can now use that space to store delicate equipment and other household items that can’t be left out in the cold. And if you are one of the many homeowners with a four-legged friend, the extra heated space benefits your pets as they get a safe, warm space to play and spend their day while you are at work.

Well Worth the Investment

Bottom line, we live in Canada and cold temperatures are a part of our lives. If you have a garage, why not make the most of that space with a garage heater? Many of today’s models are quite compact and energy-efficient, and if professionally installed, can improve the value of your home.

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